Samsung, Elite Gaming Tournament

With the ever-evolving capability of mobile gaming and 5G, Samsung wanted to highlight their power in both arenas and show why their devices should be the number one pick for consumers.​

The new and exclusive Game Pass collaboration between Samsung & Microsoft Xbox had just launched, premiering a world-first hardware and software combo that had finally brought next-gen mobile gaming to gamers everywhere. This and the undeniable rise of e-sports inspired us to launch an Elite Gaming Tournament to drive retail engagement in a truly memorable way.

​In a year when our Samsung Trainers could not get as much face to face time with the Samsung ‘Elite’ brand ambassador population in the retail estate, what better way to bring them all together again than to host a streamed gaming tournament specifically for the Samsung Elites? Representing 7 major UK retailer channels, the best gamers competed for incredible prizes.

Using the ‘Samsung Backstage’ app and social channels as our broadcast and comms hub for the tournament, meant we were able to keep the audience inside a Samsung-focused ecosystem, driving deeper engagement and content interaction across the UK retail estate.




week knockout tournament






hours of livestreaming

Broadcasting to our audience inside a samsung-focused ecosystem to drive deeper engagement and content interaction across the uk retail estate.

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