The First International Launch Platform

It’s August 2022. Samsung is about to unveil its latest Galaxy models, the Z Fold4 and the Z Flip4, at Samsung ‘Unpacked’. This flagship event happens annually, touring the world and popping up in different cities where it’s broadcast to a global audience.

This time however, Samsung wanted to create their first-ever global launch hub in central London.

The city would host their digital communications for consumers, sales teams and retailers as well becoming the home to their incredible physical launch and post-launch customer experience which would take place on Regent Street.

Tens of thousands of visitors, including the media, celebrities, major suppliers, and the public, are set to visit Unpacked and experience the new products first hand.

45 Blue Square promoter staff and managers are on hand in Regent Street to cover 13 zones for 11.5 hours per day, 7 days a week, for the entire month of August.

Samsung challenged Blue Square to recruit, onboard and train the promoters – bearing in mind that from a Samsung Global perspective the eyes of the tech world would be scrutinising this pioneering event.

The Brief

Samsung briefed Blue Square on the use of an international launch platform which would be the hub for embargoed press events, celebrity & influencer talks, behind the scenes exclusives, K-Pop dance lessons and even talks from Samsung partners like Google, Meta, Disney and many more.

After the launch day for the new devices, the focus would turn to the public showcasing these amazing new products in real life with the help of the Blue Square promoter team.

The Solution

With just over four weeks to turn the whole project round, Blue Square worked to execute an efficient and fast-moving recruitment campaign. The aim was to source and onboard a pool of 45 Blue Square promoter staff and managers, ready to start running pre-embargo events from August 3rd in the build-up to the main Unpacked event on August 10th – which they would also play a key role in.

Blue Square worked simultaneously with the Samsung training and content teams to build a bespoke training week which ran from 25th July.

This new cohort of promoter employees needed the best-in-class training to execute this extremely high profile, global launch event.

As expected, the training covered the features and benefits of the new Galaxy ZFold4 and ZFlip4 models. However, as the execution would have 13 zones with individual scripts for each, the training also required each promoter to have expert knowledge in at least three of the different zones.

Dynamic operational delivery and management of key opening times on one of London’s busiest streets required a minimum of 22 promoters being always available to cover both the products showcasing and all 13 product zones as well as remaining within their agreed hours and taking mandatory breaks.

From our induction training and content – even with scripts changing at the very last moment – you all kept up the energy and enthusiasm.

David Thompson (SEUK Head Of Training)

The Delivery

The focus of this project was to deliver a world class customer interaction, product demo and sharing of knowledge. Find, train and deploy the best promoter team possible to cover the entire launch activity and Blue Square did not let Samsung down. We went above and beyond!

The now expert promoters were placed in zones within the launch activation space. Each space focused on specific, unique customer experiences. Customers would move from space to space to watch demonstrations and gain stamps on their journey map.

The stamps encouraged customers to complete the journey and redeem them for a range of pin badges on completion. Once a full set of pin badges were collected, customers could enter a prize draw to win Buds 2 Pro and even a ZFlip4 handset.

The experience zones included:

The ‘Flip Bespoke’ room
Promoters guided consumers through an experience where they could customise a ZFlip4 handset. A robot would build their bespoke phone in front of them.

The ‘Nightography’ room
Here, customers could take selfies using the new devices in a dimly lit, fully mirrored room to demonstrate the power of the cameras. They could then share the images on their social media pages.

‘Backstage Live’
The ILP space was also a hub for multiple MX training team “Backstage Live” broadcasts. These were 30-minute training sessions, broadcast live from the event to all of Samsung’s channel partners nationally via the Samsung Backstage learning platform.



The Results

KPIs focused on recruiting and managing promoters for customer experience demonstrations at the Unpacked event in Regent Street.

The team were able to diversify and support other areas and partners within the site, due to the intense training and support given to the promoter team, all of them became experts beyond their allocated three zones and worked within all 13.

Overall, Blue Square delivered successful interactions with nearly 50,000 visitors, supported event speakers, and helped Samsung fill an event that was close to capacity most of the time.

Thank you all you guys involved in making this a total success! Thank you for your effort and dedication. Proud of you all!

Bora Yucel (Head Of Retail & Contact Centre)



Blue Square trained promoters


at least, promoters on hand.

3.5 weeks

to recruit, onboard and train.


average uplift across the Oxford street stores.
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