The challenge ahead

Ahead of the commercial launch of its latest devices: the Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Watch6 Series, and Galaxy Tab S9 Series, Samsung asked Blue Square to deliver another successful National Training Summit in July 2023.

The goal was ambitious but clear: train, seed and prepare Samsung’s front-line omnichannel team to deliver its fastest-ever launch, once the new products were unveiled at the global ‘Unpacked’. Every individual needed to be fully equipped to drive sales of the next generation Foldable and Ecosystem devices amongst the 28,000 sales advisors throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as those working internationally within our channel partner contact centres.

The pivotal mission for NTS was not simply to inform but to deliver a uniquely experiential event that would enhance learning and leave a lasting impression on the Field Team attendees. Blue Square, with its expertise in People, Tech, and Data, was ready to meet this challenge.

All systems go

From identifying a secure training venue which would protect all pre-embargo products, to delivering a full end-to-end experiential training event that included product keynotes, deep dive sessions delivered by expert MX Trainers, assessments and main stage commercial messages from key leaders, Blue Square had its work cut out.

Blue Square set about planning NTS with a keen focus on making it as interactive, immersive, and engaging as possible. With an innate understanding that true learning comes from experiencing, Blue Square created a unique environment where attendees could truly interact with the products they were about to sell in real-life scenarios.

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The Capture Zone

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The Play Zone

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The Connect Zone

Experiential excellence

We grounded the entire event in experiential-led training with a simple yet powerful three-pillar approach of ‘Capture, Play, Connect’.

An experiential playground was built with an Experience zone for each pillar, enabling attendees to become immersed in each device and get hands-on with all the new features. The goal was to empower them with the confidence and know-how to carry out full customer demonstrations showcasing all key device features.

Attendees were encouraged to ‘Capture’ creative content across a variety of lifestyle backdrops and relatable life moments that would be used later to demonstrate the capability of the camera with frontline teams. The dynamic array of sets and execution allowed attendees to FLEX the power of the folding hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip5 to capture the moment at any angle, without the use of a tripod.

Attendees then entered the ‘Play’ zone, where they were able to play video games on the new Galaxy Z Fold5. Gaming visuals were magnified on connected displays with the multitasking and productivity features of the Galaxy Z Fold5 providing an unparalleled, immersive environment unlike any of their mobile devices.

Last but certainly not least, attendees ventured to the ‘Connect’ zone where they experienced intelligent, multi-device, at-home living. Blue Square had recreated the living room experience, incorporating the latest Samsung home technology, powered by SmartThings. From simply turning room lights on to beaming ambient lighting which extended the cinema-like experience from the latest OLED TVs, the Connect zone highlighted the seamless integration of tech in the everyday living space.



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Pass rate on product training


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Proven success

After a full-on two days, 220 attendees left the summit with a deep understanding of the new devices, their unique selling points, and how to effectively demonstrate these to customers.

Attendees achieved a 98.2% pass rate on product training assessments, 100% demo completion and 97.2% retention of promotional awareness with the overall event receiving a score of 4.4.

The interactive and immersive nature of the event made the learning process enjoyable and memorable, leading to increased motivation and readiness for the upcoming product launch.

One attendee said, “Incredible execution as per usual. Loads of great energy” whilst another shared, “This was the best NTS of all of them. It was a very impressive event and I just want to say a big thank you for all your tireless effort in delivering the event.”

It’s been a privilege to be allowed to present and engage with the team at NTS. This truly is the best possible platform to launch our latest and greatest devices. We have the confidence the teams are ready to go and deliver the challenging but ambitious targets for SEUK for these new products.



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