The challenge ahead

As another exciting Samsung launch kicked-off in January 2024, we had the honour of delivering its National Training Summit. The spotlight was on the Galaxy S24 Series and Galaxy Book4 Series, and our brief was clear, upskill 242 front-line sales team members across a two-day event under strict pre-embargo security, just one week ahead of the global commercial announcement.

Our mission wasn’t simply to inform but to create a truly immersive experience where our teams could learn hands-on and step into an AI wonderland to bring the new device features to life in the most authentic way.

Bringing the learning experience to life

So that’s what our team of Experiential Experts did when they designed and delivered The AI Village.

Dedicated zones within the Village brought delegate learning and understanding to life, allowing them to explore and test their understanding of the new Galaxy AI features in different real-life scenarios.

Guided by our team of specialist MX Trainers, delegates were led through the learning experience, device in hand, to become demo-ready experts for when they engaged with customers and store staff in the real world. Our Experiential Experts also designed digital ‘learn along’ sheets that aided the learning journey and, once complete, signalled ‘graduation’ from the AI Village to be later used as a guide when delegates transferred their learnings to the industry.

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In addition to the AI Village, the team brought back the popular main stage which gave the Samsung Leadership Team a platform to deliver key messages supporting Samsung’s ambitions for 2024 across omnichannel marketing,

the UK’s retail training strategy and product GTM roadmap providing clear direction, messaging and benefits associated with these new devices.

Proven success

After a jam-packed two days, 242 attendees left the summit with a deep understanding of the new Galaxy S24 Series and Galaxy Book4 Series, their customer experience points points and how to effectively communicate and demonstrate these to customers.

Attendees achieved a 99% pass rate on the product training assessments and 100% demo completion, with the overall event receiving an NPS score of 4.5/5.

The entirely immersive nature of the unique AI Village allowed attendees to experience the features of the devices first-hand in real life scenarios solidifying their knowledge to passionately demonstrate to customers in the real world.

Attendees said they loved the new immersive approach to the NTS experience, reporting that it was like nothing they had experienced before.

Our partners at Blue Square continue to innovate with each execution and I am encouraged that NTS has now become our true innovation for training. The AI village was phenomenal.

David Thompson (Head of Training, Samsung) 



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