Blue Square delivers first hybrid event for Samsung Elites

Over 600 Samsung ambassadors have benefitted from Blue Square’s live, virtual and hybrid event experience.

Blue Square successfully delivered a live hybrid solution for Samsung Backstage Elites – the first of its kind for this exclusive audience.

Samsung ambassador programme

Samsung Backstage Elites is an ambassador programme that turns selected channel store staff and call centre agents into Samsung experts.

Those chosen to be ambassadors are allocated (or ‘seeded with’, as it’s known in retail) Samsung products on a regular basis. They are invited to use the devices as they would their own and complete a more rigorous product training programme via Samsung’s award-winning learning platform; Samsung Backstage.

The aim of seeding is to stimulate the market, enhance diffusion and encourage faster adoption of new products.

For the Samsung Backstage Elites this involves cascading Samsung messages down to their colleagues, who in turn demonstrate Samsung products to their customers.

Bringing seeding to life

Previously, before the Covid lockdowns, all training and seeding events had been live, in-person events. Post-Covid, the Samsung UK and Ireland Retail Programmes team wondered if there was another way of holding these events.

They invited Blue Square to come up with ideas on how to bring seeding events for their Backstage Elites to life, thereby making them a more memorable experience.

Live broadcasts for an unforgettable experience

With over 600 Elites from 6 Channels (including Hutch and O2) to reach, Blue Square developed a programme of hybrid events broadcast live from Samsung’s studio in Woking.

Each Elite was seeded with the latest flagship device and invited to attend a hybrid live broadcast. The ambassadors could attend in groups at Everyman cinemas across the country or virtually from their own location.

There were 9 events in total (two in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and London, and one in Harrogate) and each one ran for between 4 and 6 hours.

They incorporated interactive tasks to allow Elites to get hands on with the devices and train further on the product features.

Opportunities to engage

Each of the 6 channels had one-day exclusivity. Attendance wasn’t mandatory but they still achieved 87% turnout overall.

The live events gave Samsung the opportunity to engage with their ambassadors and inspire them to continue driving Samsung premium sales and brand advocacy.

What’s more, by executing best in class training via a live virtual conference, the events created an unforgettable experience for the Elites, bringing the devices to life and helping Elites enhance the consumer experience.



would recommend the Elite program following the event


locations with events held at Glasgow, Harrogate, London, Manchester and Dublin


total attendance from 713 elites invited


found the product related discussions extremely beneficial


out of 5 ranking for quality of training video content

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