'Unfold your World'

Samsung is one of the world’s largest tech companies and the no.1 smartphone brand globally, including an active UK & Ireland division. Blue Square was proud to be tasked with delivering Samsung national ‘Mobile Experience’ Conference ahead of their latest ‘Unpacked’ launch event.

Officially known as ‘Unfold your World’, the 2022 conference marked the first significant face-to-face event for the client in over two years due to the impact of COVID-19. This made the conference a huge opportunity to share the latest innovations from the brand and bring its people together.

The audience would comprise of people who support Samsung in many different roles across the Omnichannel function, with representation from Retail, Contact Centre & online teams who are sourced and managed by Blue Square. This was the first Samsung event delivered since bringing their retail, contact centre, e-commerce and marketing operation together as a single omnichannel team in 2021.

This was also the first conference Samsung delivered since bringing their retail and e-commerce operations together as a single omnichannel team in 2021.

Samsung turned to Blue Square for our expertise in managing and overseeing the full end-to-end delivery of the project. We were responsible for all aspects of the National MX Conference, including:

· Sourcing the best venue location & key supplies
· Manage the end-to-end attendee experience and communications
· Creations of all content delivered
· Delivering the Conference technical production
· Managing the evening entertainment of the event

A closer look at Samsung’s future

To meet Samsung’s brief, our events specialists ensured an unforgettable event with fantastic opportunities to reconnect and explore the potential of their company and its future. Over 200 Omnichannel employees were invited to the Unfold your World Conference at the Vox in Birmingham on 21st July 2022.

The exclusive event gave the attendees the chance to explore and engage with many of their colleagues and people from other departments, as well as enjoy live presentations from a wide range of special guests. Annika Bizon, the Omnichannel & Marketing Director at Samsung, delivered the overall strategy, empowering all attendees to move forward successfully together.

Further representatives of Samsung UK & Ireland HQ departments from Operations, Go To Market, Activations & training also delivered key updates, including new launch activations for the newest Galaxy products (Galaxy Z Fold4, Z Flip4, Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro & Galaxy Buds2 Pro).

Nigel Atherton, Chief Client Officer at Blue Square, also presented at the conference, sharing our Blue Square values and an exciting incentive programme open to all attendees.



Celebrating success

The one-day event closed with Annika Bizon and her leadership team returning to present awards to seven fantastic colleagues from Samsung and Blue Square, recognising their achievements and the great contribution they’ve made so far this year. We’re so proud of everyone who picked up awards, with the seven recognised employees picking up the following:

OTM of the Year (North) – Liam Downey, OTM of the Year (South) – Adam Hewish, Trainer of the Year – Kally Kaleda, Field Manager of the Year – Paul Otway, E-Promoter Team Member of the Year – Roisin Thompson, Ireland Team Member of the Year – Cathal Collins, and HQ Team Member of the Year – David Hudson.

Once the conference closed, it was time to enjoy the night and start the party. We arranged an amazing Neon Jungle-themed party, giving everyone the chance to celebrate and enjoy getting back together after so long. Hours of fun were had, and plenty of opportunities to join in with ‘Rockaoke’ and enjoy the ‘Neon Drummers’ as entertainment.

COVID-19 meant many employees hadn’t had the chance to meet up and connect for over two years, so we found the evening entertainment a fantastic opportunity to reconnect in a social environment. It was also a chance to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work the teams had put in to prepare for the launch.

Recognising the people at the heart of the business

People are the core of everything we do at Blue Square. Bringing everyone together to align with the new Samsung strategy and celebrating together as a team was the perfect tonic to the months spent apart and great preparation for the busy weeks expected before the launch.

To help us understand how our teams might really be feeling about events and face-to-face interaction after 2 years of not seeing each other in person on a mass scale, we investigated the data with some help from our sister agency, ‘Pulse’, who specialise in insights. A bespoke ‘Epic e-learning’ report by Pulse in 2021 showed that physical engagements are the most effective and popular way to learn about new products.

Pulse also shared a CCS Insight employee workplace study into the ‘biggest challenges working from home’. 33% of respondents voted ‘feeling disconnected from colleagues/lack of social interaction’ as their number one issue, and ‘feeling disconnected from what’s going on in my company’ not far behind at 22%, with ‘too many video meetings’ in the top 5 reasons for 18% of people saying it was their number one challenge.

Although we had supported Samsung with award winning virtual events in 2020 and 2021, these insights gave a clear indication that our teams would get even more benefit from an in-person event.

Creating a synchronised, satisfied national team

After the Conference, 80% of attendees said they felt part of “one team” thanks to the event. This highlights the importance of bringing your people together for annual events to ensure they feel connected to the organisation and with each other, especially in light of the pandemic.

Blue Square is extremely pleased with the success of the Unfold your World Conference and our role in managing and overseeing the whole event. The huge success is just one of the many projects we’ve enjoyed working with Samsung, and we’re excited to move forward with them into 2023 and beyond.

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