Media Boost – Empowering Teams to be On-brand Online

It’s one thing to create the perfect piece of content. Ensuring that it reaches the right people at the right time is a different ballgame entirely. Media Boost allows us to distribute your content to a targeted audience at any time and date, utilising the individual social media profiles of your teams.

So, quite a lot has changed in the last month, hasn’t it?

Most brands have been forced to pivot dramatically in this time and most marketeers are still feeling their way gently through this new landscape. “Where are our customers and what do they want from us?”, “Is it even ok to be doing marketing right now?”, “Should we just follow the existing plan but be a bit more reserved?”

"There is no set playbook for marketeers to follow in times like these. Regularly connecting with, listening to and acting on the wishes of our audiences on an evolving basis is a good place to start."

Taking a wider look at the needs and wants of consumers today, whether from the government, the media, brands or influencers, there are common themes which consumers are demanding:

  • Transparency – “Don’t try to trick me or hide the truth”, “Just tell me what’s actually happening… Don’t try to manipulate or control my response”
  • Authenticity – “I don’t expect perfection”, “I just want you to do your best, with the best of intentions”, “Don’t try to be something which you are not”
  • Conscience – “If you can help, you should help”, “We will remember who did the right thing and those who didn’t”

With transparency and authenticity in mind, since 2018 we've serviced our clients with a social media content curation and publishing tool called 'Media Boost'.

It makes a big difference to our current clients and we think it can make a difference for many more people right now, so the rest of this blog will go into more detail.

What is Media Boost?

An online software solution, Media Boost helps brands amplify their online content, ensuring their messages reach more of their intended audience, particularly on social media.

As an organisation, how many connections do your people, colleagues and teams have collectively across LinkedIn, Insta, Facebook, Twitter etc.? 5k, 50k, half a million? What if you could help them to become better brand advocates with no extra time and effort, reaching their connections with great content even more of the time?

Media Boost is accessible to teams via both the dedicated app or web-based interface where they can connect to a curated, pre-approved feed of social media content, ready for them to share on their own profiles with a click of a button. With their permission, you can enable automatic content scheduling so their profiles can post the right content at the right time – their individual audiences may be modest but aggregated over many users the reach can be surprisingly vast.

It can also be used for managing the social media feeds for your specifically relevant teams such as:

  • Brand representatives and trainers – for publishing the latest product information, promotions, and product tips
  • Senior Leadership Teams – Keep busy SLT members engaged in the conversation by making it easy to share on-brand, on-message content in a public forum
  • Influencer marketing campaigns – Centralise this activity in one easy to manage place and use a squad of engaged but separate influencers, as one cohesive team/marketing asset.
"Woop woop, it's the sound of the (Brand) Police"

Because Media Boost empowers individual team members to contribute towards a brand’s marketing strategy without becoming content creators, it keeps them on-brand and on-message.

Teams are often proud of the organisations they work for and would cherish the opportunity to promote it to their own audiences but are usually stopped from doing so by the dreaded “Company Social Media Policy”.

Most brands ask their people to refrain from posting company info, advocacy and promotion on their own social media for the fear of a team member striking a bum note. Media Boost is the answer!

Spam anyone?

Working closely with clients' brand and marketing teams, we curate consistent content calendars for your people which carry the right tone of voice. All content is then shared automatically via the dedicated software and mobile app.

So Media Boost is just a giant ‘reshare’ / ‘send to all’ button? No... Media Boost allows personalised content for individuals and can stagger the automatic sharing of content for a team over a designated period of time. Or you can give your team more control in the Media Boost app and let them choose when and where they share the pre-approved content.

Coming directly from your people to their audiences lends your content legitimacy and authenticity and will never look like spam, whether it’s being shared by 5 members of your team or 500!

Why should you be using Media Boost?

Due to the current global situation surrounding COVID-19, social media has become an even more essential and powerful tool for businesses. Conversation and awareness of products and brands has moved almost exclusively online. Social media traffic is at a record high and the need for digital engagement has never been greater.

A great online marketing strategy is vital for successful businesses today and Media Boost offers you the chance to take that success to a whole new level by using your biggest asset, your teams. Once you enable them to share on-brand messages in the most convenient way through Media Boost, you will grow brand advocacy, increase sales and drive the performance of your brand.

Reach out today at to start a conversation about the different ways you could deploy Media Boost into your marketing activities.

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