Live Store – Bringing The In-Store Experience Online.

Live Store is a platform that allows brands and retailers to deliver an in-store retail experience to their customers online. Put simply, it gives customers shopping online the opportunity to have a quality interaction with a brand rep through a live video call, audio chat or SMS conversation.

This can suit a wide number of scenarios. We’ve seen it used for everything from product demonstration, feature explanation, showcasing products in a real-world environment and answering customer service enquiries.

Given the current situation where most customers only have the option to shop online, we see the potential of the video calling options as a great way for brands and retailers to offer innovation and expertise to their customers and bring an authentic in-store level of service and experience online.

There are a number of ways a brand or retailer could deploy this solution:

Private Store:

We work with clients to design and build a “Private Store” for this type of activity to run in. It looks and feels like a client’s store to give a consistent experience, kitted out with branding, staff and products. But this store is not open to the public, in fact these stores are often set up in spare office space, warehouse areas or other areas that are currently owned but under-utilised.

We either provide a team of expert brand reps and immerse them in a client’s brand or re-train existing staff to be comfortable using the technology.

From here a simple integration into the client’s existing website allows customers online to select the option to speak with a brand rep in the private store. We can also optimise and offer the experience at targeted moments during the customer journey (returning to products, removing a product from the basket, dwell time etc.)

Closed Store:

Originally designed to be deployed in existing stores out of hours, this solution is very relevant at the current time given a lot of retailers have been forced to close their doors.

The environment already exists, the staff are already well trained and whether operating out of hours or in a store currently forced to close, this scenario is a great way for a retailer to use their existing stores and people to serve their customers, during times where the majority of customers have little option but to shop online.

With some simple training on the technology and being on camera, Live Store enables retail teams to continue to serve their customers.

Mobile Store:

A mobile “pop up” store is a way to enable a brand rep to set up shop anywhere!  We design, produce and distribute the collateral so that the brand reps can offer the Live Store service wherever they are. (Backdrops, branded collateral, custom furniture etc.)

The technology involved is mobile app based and simple to use; all that is needed is a small suitably quiet area to set up and with a usable data connection (4G or Wi-Fi), brand reps can log on and start serving customers whilst appearing in a suitably branded environment, which increases customer confidence in the service.

Real Store:

This solution has also successfully been deployed into real world, open store environments. By having specific staff who are present to take Live Store calls, or using existing store teams logging on during quiet times, this is a further way to utilise existing assets and truly offer a real “in-store”experience to customers.

Customers who engage with the Live Store experience are significantly more likely to complete their purchase compared to an unassisted customer online.

Along with the branding value of offering a Live Store experience to customers, we have seen a wide range of tangible benefits that translate into strong ROI's for brands and retailers:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Consistently across deployments, Live Store is proven to increase measured customer satisfaction levels when shopping online.
  • Conversion – Customers who engage with the Live Store experience are significantly more likely to complete their purchase compared to an unassisted customer online.
  • Transaction Value – Customers who complete a purchase following the Live Store experience are typically seen to add more items to their basket and see again a significant increase in the overall transaction value.
  • Customer Loyalty – Following a Live Store assisted purchase, customers are seen to regularly return to the retailer for further purchases and interactions.

The applications for Live Store are practically endless, but we have some ideas on types of brands and retailers that could particularly benefit from this service:

  • Consumer Electronics – CE brands continue to find ways to innovate on the high street. Whilst purchasing trends have moved towards online, the high street is becoming a place to offer experience, service and education to customers. Live Store allows this type of activity to be enhanced online and particularly in the case of higher value purchases such as Laptops and Smartphones, a quality demonstration by a skilled brand representative remains one of the biggest drivers of sales.
  • Real Estate – Whilst innovation in this area is ripe with 3D tours and video technology being incorporated into property listings, it still doesn’t come close to actually visiting the property and getting a feel for it. Whether deployed through one to one appointments to help far away customers view a property or using the broadcast feature to host a virtual open house, Live Store is a great way to get more quality viewings done on a property in an effective and authentic way.
  • Automotive – You wouldn’t buy a car without seeing it right? In fact, research shows that the average new car buyer takes around 17 weeks from deciding to buy, to making their final purchasing decision (with a massive amount of online research in between). What if customers considering a purchase and researching online were able to connect with your teams in the showroom, to explore the vehicle in more detail and have answered any questions they have in an authoritative way. Live Store enables this with ease.

There are few limits to the usage of Live Store and every deployment is unique. Being there for customers in innovative ways online is helping the most aware brands and retailers win the hearts and minds of their customers.  

Reach out today at to start a conversation about the different ways you could deploy Live Store into your online activities.  

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