FMBE Awards 2020 Nomination: Brand Ambassador of the Year, Carly Gamble

Blue Square employee, Carly Gamble supports Samsung on a daily basis as a Field Training manager, but it’s the work she has put into Samsung's partnership with Great Ormond Street and the legacy that she has created that makes her ours and hopefully FMBE's Brand Ambassador of the Year.

Carly has been passionately involved with GOSH since 2018 when Samsung became an official founding partner of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s new Digital, Research, Informatics and Virtual Environments unit (DRIVE). DRIVE'S main objectives are to provide an extra level of care and support, enhance the experiences and improve the lives of the children, families, doctors and nurses at the hospital through state-of-the-art technology used in weekly training sessions hosted by Carly and four other trainers from the Samsung team.

During these sessions, Carly and the team trained and interacted with GOSH playworkers and patients across various wards teaching them how to use several Samsung devices including tablets, smartphones and VR headsets.

Carly spent the majority of her time in the Cystic Fibrosis Ward and It wasn’t until she began packing the devices away and speaking to the hospital staff, that she realised the lack of and need for technology in the rooms. Children with Cystic Fibrosis often spend weeks at a time in their hospital rooms due to infection control, therefore having permanent access to Samsung’s technology could make the world of difference to these children and Carly saw that.

Unfortunately in 2020 GOSH, their patients and their families were then faced with another challenge - Covid-19. For some patients, social distancing and separation is already a requirement due to infection but for most it was a completely new experience. Understanding how hard communicating and operating within this newfound world was for adults, not to mention children, Carly began to think once again as to how she could help all the more.

Although Carly hasn't been able to visit GOSH recently due to lockdown restrictions, the hard work hasn’t stopped. Carly is still working behind the scenes and striving to make a positive impact on GOSH patients and their families, recognising the financial and emotional impact that this can have on a child and their family. With that in mind, this year Carly has:

  • Tirelessly working to secure an expansion to their software and hardware, improving the technology that is available to them with a pending request for new devices to be donated to GOSH this year, making communication and entertainment more advanced and accessible.
  • Implemented a fundraising scheme providing much-needed financial support to families who need it most with a focus on providing free meals.
  • Began putting the finishing touches on some Christmas fun and games including a virtual gaming tournament for the patients.

Receiving an average of over 40,000 inpatient visits every year, GOSH is one of the biggest and best children’s hospitals in the world. You can paint the walls in vibrant colours, offer decent meals or comfy beds but at the end of the day, a hospital is for sick people and a place most of us don’t want to be. Carly understands that the work she is doing is never going to transform the hospital into a place where people look forward to spending their time, but hopes that it will make their time spent there, that little bit happier.


Carly has been nominated for the Brand Ambassador of the Year Award not just because of all the hard work and passion that she has put in, but for legacy that she has created.


Congratulations Carly, we couldn't think of anyone else who deserves this award more than you and we wish you all the luck at this year's FMBE Awards!

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