5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home

During these uncertain times with working from home becoming the norm, focus and motivation may be hard to find without your teammates and the hustle and bustle of the office around you. Here are some top tips from us on how we are managing to stay motivated, productive and happy!

Here at Blue Square Central Support, through the use of Microsoft Teams we have created a virtual office allowing us all to check in with each other on a daily basis through both chat and video functions, allowing everyone to get involved with our virtual tea breaks every other day and drinks on a Friday! We may not be together, but the fun and team-togetherness still remains!

Our virtual office also plays host to our "Well-being Hub", an area dedicated to our team’s mental health and well being whilst working from home. This space allows us to share information and tips with one another on everything from home workouts and exercise regimes, to step-by-step guides on keeping yourself and your family motivated and entertained.

It's important that we stick together and communicate often. Your colleagues will only ever be a call, text or email away - You're not alone!

Along with the challenge of navigating this new remote WFH work-life balance, retaining motivation and focus can also be a challenge for people during this period. Therefore, we have picked our top tips to help you stay motivated whilst working from home…

Check out these, plus other tips, guides and advice on how to stay productive, healthy and happy in the current work climate across all of our social channels (links in the menu above) and here on the Blue Square Blog.

Emma x