Stephen began his Blue Square journey back in 2017 as part of our Samsung team, and after just two years moved over to our HP team as Field Manager. Since then, he’s progressed even further to National Field Manager. We sat down with Steven and asked him to shed some light on his six-year (and counting) journey with us, and his advice for those considering a position with Blue Square who want to know more about our development opportunities.

How did you gain the experience you needed to progress?

I started in field work way back in 2005 as a Territory Manager for GSK. I spent two and a half years there before moving to the Microsoft account. After 10 years it was time to move on, so I joined Blue Square as Regional Development Manager for Samsung TV/AV. I absolutely loved this role – the team were great and I learned so much over two years. I then moved to the HP account as Field Manager for the Print team in 2019. Since then, the role’s grown and developed, and I became National Field Manager for both print and PC which means I am now part of the amazing HP Dynamic Field Team looking after the North.

I’ve always looked to learn and take on additional tasks outside my given role. Having great mentors and managers to learn from to see what successful management looks like has been key for me.

What's the most valuable thing you’ve learnt on your career journey at BSq so far?

I’ve been given many opportunities to take part in new things and step outside of my comfort zone. The one thing I’ve learned is to embrace the challenges when given new opportunities.

The power of a supportive network is also super valuable. It’s been great to work with such a great management team and the teams within Blue Square HQ. Being successful is a team effort, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something, there’s always someone there to help.

What’s made you want to stay at Blue Square?

Firstly, the HP management team have been great, they’re so supportive and an absolute joy to work with. Also, the opportunity for progression is always there, I’ve seen so many of the team move onwards and upwards. It’s amazing to see those who started as promoters work their way up to work with client HQ – to be part of that development’s been really special.

Your top tip for others wanting to progress in their role?

Start thinking of your next steps early, be honest with yourself to identify any skill gaps, and start to work on those. This way, when an opportunity comes along, you’ll be well prepared to take it on.

Use the experience within the team. I’ve learnt so much from working with both the HP management team and the central teams within Blue Square; I wouldn’t be doing this without them.

Stretch yourself and look outside your comfort zone. The People team at Blue Square is amazing – always reach out for help with your progression. You need to do the work – don’t wait for opportunities to land in your lap, go out and find them.

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