Pure Electric partners with Blue Square to bring cleaner personal transport…

We are proud to announce our new partnership with challenger brand Pure Electric to connect consumers across Europe with next-generation E-Scooters.

The brainchild of founder Adam Norris, Pure Electric aims to improve urban travel by designing and building safe, affordable and emission-free personal transport.

We will be working with Pure Electric to accelerate sales of their range of E-Scooters throughout Europe which will see Blue Square promoters giving consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits of Pure Electric E-Scooters first-hand.

Adam Norris, Pure Electric founder, said:

“We’ve chosen to partner with Blue Square because of their vast experience in connecting considered purchase brands with consumers personally, emotionally and intelligently. They have immersed themselves fully in our products and are demonstrating their benefits to prospects in a relevant and engaging way.”

Pure Electric believes that effective E-Scooters empower people to move away from outdated urban transport systems that are fuelling the climate crisis. However, most products on the market fall short of what’s required to make a major impact in city travel. That’s why it employs a team of world-class engineers to develop next-generation electric scooters that prioritise even higher standards of safety, performance and ride quality.

Andrew Leaver, Blue Square CEO, said:

“The Pure Electric brand is exactly the type of brand we strive to work with. It not only requires the combination of technology and human interaction to put customers’ needs at the centre of engagement, but it also supports our desire to work with mobility brands that support our own environmental commitments.”

Through the quality and knowledge of our Blue Square team, Pure Electric expects to see an uplift in sales and average sales price during the promotional period with the aim of developing a long-term pan-European partnership.

For further information on the range of Pure Air and Pure Advance electric scooters, visit https://www.pureelectric.com

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