Two national events to bring Samsung UK & Ireland together post Covid.
Samsung’s 2022 National Conference and National Training Summit saw Blue Square bringing the tech company’s UK & Ireland division back to the ‘old normal’ for the first time in over two years.

Like so many businesses, Samsung had been unable to get its teams together in one place because of the Covid pandemic. Online, virtual versions of the conventions had been used to great effect to bring the latest products and campaigns to its workforce. But there was a thrill within the company at the mere thought of getting back together in person again.

Confident of our abilities, Samsung turned to us to organise both events.

Vox pops

We oversaw every aspect of both conferences – from choosing Birmingham’s Vox Conference Centre as the venue to hiring keynote speakers and organising breakout sessions and the after-show celebrations.

Both conferences were created around two major factors in Samsung’s evolution: the introduction of five new products (the new Galaxy Z Fold4, the Z Flip4, the Watch5, Watch5 Pro and the Buds2 Pro) and the creation of the new, unified Omnichannel Team in the UK & Ireland.

This new team brings together all Samsung colleagues (whether online, in retail or from contact centres) into a single, operational unit.

Unfolding their world

The first event was the Unfold Your World Conference in July 2022.

Over 200 Samsung delegates were given the chance to explore and engage with many of their colleagues and people from other departments. They also enjoyed live presentations from a wide range of special guests – including Annika Bizon, the Marketing & Omnichannel Director at Samsung.

Annika delivered the overall strategy, empowering all attendees to move forward successfully together.

Hands-on training

Later, in August, we then brought together 150 delegates for Samsung’s National Training Summit.
Attendees from the Field, Training, B2B, E-Promoter, Promoters teams and the Premium Retail Experience Stores met to discover more about the products.

The summit included hands-on sessions, where everyone was given the new models to practise on and take back to their teams in the field. Nearly 200 new phones were handed out during the event.

A highlight for many delegates was the appearance of special guest, Chloe-Alexandra Findlay, Samsung’s marketing insights manager. She gave real-world consumer insights to the field team, alongside invaluable marketing data on the industry and consumer buying habits.

In the capable hands of Blue Square

We place people’s personal experiences at the heart of everything. As such, we focus on equipping clients with all the key information, resources and support they need to be successful in their work.

These events gave Samsung the opportunity to instil new product knowledge and give their staff the confidence to take the Galaxy products mainstream. More than that, it brought the Samsung employees together again after nearly three years of functioning through virtual channels.

Bottom lines

After the Conference, 80% of delegates said they felt part of a team again thanks to the event. This highlights the importance of bringing people together to ensure they feel connected to the organisation as a whole, especially in light of the pandemic.

The National Training Summit sparked a level of excitement in the delegates that other forms of new product training can’t achieve. This excitement then translates in the field into customer engagement and sales.

We’re glad we played a part in making it all possible.

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